School Daze – Pieexpress

School Daze - Pieexpress

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School Daze – Pieexpress is an X-men porn comic. In which we see how young people are in class, they have a very sexy teacher. This one is wearing a very high black miniskirt in which you can almost see her sexy pussy and her ass. He also wears a tight white shirt with a very sexy neckline. Her tits are about to get out of the shirt.

This makes one of the students very horny and his cock starts to get hard. This was the only boy in the class, everything else was girls. A colleague of him realized that his friend’s cock was hard. This made her very horny and began to blow her up. The other girls in the class wanted sex with him, since they were all willing to fuck him.

At that time the class became a wild orgy. In which all the girls groaned like sex-eager sluts. The sexy teacher was the one who put the boy more horny. Since her big pussy was very juicy and she was a Milf with a big ass and big tits.

When everyone had an orgasm and remained relaxed, the classes continued as usual, but they could last until everyone was willing to fuck again.

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