Sakura Gaiden – Naruto

Sakura Gaiden - Naruto

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Sakura Gaiden is a Naruto Porn Comic, in which we see Sakura very hot. She had been dreaming about fucking her daughter for a long time. It all started when her girl began to develop her body, her small tits and her pretty ass made her very horny.

He had long had dreams in which his daughter was fucked. Sakura every time she woke up she had a wet pussy and needed to masturbate. Some days when he woke up at dawn he went to his daughter’s room and masturbated watching how he slept in his underwear. But in this Naruto Porn Comic we see another story.

Sakura woke up one day with the same dream, went to the shower very hot and eager to mastrub, there she gave herself pleasure. Her daughter who was going to be the next to shower came in and while she was taking a shower she started masturbating in the shower. These images Hentai of Sakura and her daughter mastrubando are very hot. Sakura listened as her daughter gemia while saying her mother’s name.

Sakura listened to her daughter while she was masturbating, when she got out of the shower. Sakura was waiting for her daughter in very sexy clothes and invited her to lick her pussy. His daughter accepted and mother and daughter began having incest sex. That morning was the best for mother and daughter, since they had discovered a new sexual world.

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