RWBY Emotional Fulfillment – Stormfeder

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Pyrrha had just given up on Jaune and he didn’t realize anything ever, Pyrrha told Nora that she felt somewhat lonely and frustrated and Nora told her that she maybe felt horny. Pyrrha said that she heard that Coco was a lesbian and she didn’t have any problem with it; Coco could get an orgasm with other girls. Nora thought about it but she got something in mind, she dragged Pyrrha to Ren’s room, she wanted Ren to show Pyrrha how good he makes people feel, Ren was agreed he could do that just if Pyrrha want it; Pyrrha went for him and kissed him.

Pyrrha’s first time
Pyrrha took off her school blazer and Ren licked her tiny and pink nipple, it makes her feel so good. Ren went down and put her panties aside and ate her pussy Pyrrha was going to cum, Nora saw them and felt the need of fingering herself. she decided to return the favor to Ren, Pyrrha gave him a blowjob and told him to let her know if she was doing well, Ren got really horny and Pyrrha noticed it; she was glad he enjoyed it. Meanwhile, Nora was going to cum when she saw Pyrrha giving a good blowjob.

Round two
Nora got up on her sit and go to kiss Pyrrha; she could taste Ren’s cock essence in her mouth. Pyrrha and Ren were exhausted and Rena wanted to join them, Nora poured on their body a little drink Weiss gave her to help get him back up fast, Ren drank it. They were ready now for round two, Ren fingered both pussies at the same time, he felt stronger and ride Pyrrha; it was better than they could have ever hoped for…

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