Mandark X Dexter’s Mom

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Dexter Mom 01

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Dexter’s mom was in her house kitchen washing the dishes when suddenly someone spanked her and pulled down her pants. It was Mandark. He asked her if she didn’t learn anything from their previous lessons and if she didn’t this time he’ll be thorough. Then, he put his face on her ass and stuck his tongue inside her asshole. He explained if Dexter refused to concede to his superior intellect. Then, his mother will be forced to submit to his superior manhood. Dexter’s mom is enjoying Mandark tongue inside her ass, but Mandark commanded her to get on her knees.
Master Mandark
Mandark slapped Dexter’s mom with his dick while commanding her like a streetwalker to suck his nutsack, then to deepthroat him and then they’ll see how long she can hold her breath. Yes, sir, she replied. So she obediently began to suck Mandark’s ballsack. Then, he fucked her face until she lost her breath. Dexter’s mom put on all four and began to fuck her hard. He asked her who owns her slut holes. She replied that Master Mandark owned them. Mandark fucked her hard, her huge tits bounced up and down. She squirted all over Mandark’s cock.

Mandark’s finished her
Dexter’s mom lied down on the floor and spread her legs and asked Mandark to give his dick to her. He fucked her pussy and came inside her pussy. She put on all fours again and asked him to destroy her big fat ass because it’s his. He fucked her ass. She asked for more. Then she came and also Mandark inside her ass. He left her lying on the floor. She felt Mandark’s semen inside her ass and pussy. It was so much that dripped and made a puddle on the floor.

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