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Nami was in a vacation with the rest of the crew, the idea was to eat and shop and then came back to the ship: Unfortunately an angry mob attacked them making Zoro and her to got separated from the rest for the group. They felt from a cliff into a river. They barely made out alive. Later that day, Zoro was roasting meat in a fire; he was naked because all his clothes got wet, she was in her underwear; she realized he got hurt during the escape, it’s not much but she felt guilty.
Zoro fucked Nami
Nami was worried but Zoro kinda liked the situation they were in. She was also glad to be in that situation with him. He started to kiss and touch her body then he sucked and licked their tits, then he took off her panties and sucked her pussy until she came. Then it was Zoro time so Nami grabbed her dick and sucked it. She was enjoying quite a bit; Then Zoro came into Nami’s mouth. She didn’t take out the dick from her mouth and swallowed all the come. Zoro dick was still very hard.

The Second Round
Nami was very excited and wanted Zoro fucked her with his still hard dick. So he grabbed her from her legs and fucked her from behind so hard that she came again; but Zoro haven’t finished. He got her on all fours and began to fuck her again. He stuck his dick really hard into Nami’s wet pussy at first she didn’t like it but eventually she quite enjoyed it. He came inside her, she loved it. Nami is happy because her anxiety is gone. Later Nami was taking a bath in the river when Robin arrived to save them.

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