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League Of Lesbians 01

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Officer Caytlin and Officer VI were washing their patrol car. They didn’t sign up with the police for this, but they’ll catch the cunt who painted graffitis all over their car. They finished taking all the graffitis off when they received a call. Public Enemy Vinx was sighted near the Pack armed and D. They answered the call, Officer V told them Vinx was theirs and they no need any backup. Meanwhile, Vinx was painting a statue and then made it blow up when the Officer arrived. They grabbed her with her pants down.
Police brutality
Officer Caytlin was pointing her rifle at her while Officer V grabbed her by the hair.  V commanded her to put her hand on the hood of the car. Then, she began to grab her tits and ass. She felt a small sack down in her pussy. She took off her pants and found a sack of crystals. Vinx asked v to cover her ass. But she had to make sure she didn’t hide anything else. V realized she was wet and had piercings in her pussy and asshole. She wanted to taste it so she licked her asshole.
Fuck the police
Caytlin asked V to leave some for her or she expected her to just watch. V grabbed Vinx from behind and began to kiss her neck and grabbed her tits. Then she began fingering her pussy. Vinx put up a fight at first. But then she got carried away. She ended up on all four and V sucked her pussy and Caytlin her pussy. Later, a police robot is making his round on the street, when suddenly it was hit by a car. It was the patrol car driven by Vinx. She crashed it and left the scene.

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