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Skye Delacroix was an urban explorer, she solved so many mysteries and urban myth, she always recorded her adventures and uploads it on her website, and Skye Delacroix was one of the most successful blogger all over the world. That night, she was going to come into a building that has been chained off for as long as she could remember, she wanted to have some good videos in there, she cut the chain-link fence and start to record the video and entered the abandoned Fleischwand Facility, she would know what they use to do in there.

Slimy and Sticky Things
In the building were signs of danger, not allowed unauthorized personal and Keep Out´s sign, something wrong happened there but she and their fans was going to find out. Twenty minutes of wandering aimlessly later, Skye Delacroix was still searching for things, they did a good job of cleaning off whatever materials they had in the factory, but she saw more and more stuff left behind as she went further in, Skye saw slime in some parts or at least she thinks that was slime. Skye was trying to find any clue about the slime and suddenly a tentacle grabbed her leg and threw her to the ground.

There’s no escape
Miss Delacroix was terrified; the tentacles grabbed both legs and dragged her into a strange place. The tentacles ripped her clothes off, all of them were groping her body, that sticky tentacles covered her body with that stinky slime; Skye Delacroix shout out loud for help but a tentacle stuck on her mouth. Skye knew that she was in real trouble and that she could escape never when saw girls hanging out there.

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