Jinzou Ningen-tachi to Bulma no Inkou! Zetsurin!! Tokubetsu Jikken!!

Jinzou Ningen-tachi to Bulma no Inkou! Zetsurin!! Tokubetsu Jikken!!


Having dropped his guard, a revived Cell takes control of the situation by attacking Android 18 from behind in front of Krilin, who can only watch helplessly. Cell subdues Android 18 by inserting his dick into her, while using his enormous power to keep Krilin away, as she tries to get in the way of his goal of implanting her seeds inside Android 18’s body.

However, Krilin notices through the expressions on Android 18’s face that she is not suffering at all from the subjugation inflicted by Cell, who, after a few minutes, discharges his semen into her pussy, thus being completely exhausted after the effort. Krilin takes advantage of the moment to take the weakened body of Android 18 and take it to Bulma’s house to be treated and save her life.

A totally naked Bulma opens the door, surprised by the presence of Krilin who begs her to help the Android 18. Bulma agrees to Krilin’s request and asks him to take her to the Lab and leave her alone with her, while she takes care of stabilizing her vital signs and removing all traces left by Cell in her pussy to which she connects special tubes to act fast and prevent it from spreading throughout her body.

After a few minutes, Android 18 wakes up, dazed and confused, asking Bulma to do everything possible to help her. At that instant Bulma exposes her dick, making Android 18 unable to contain the need to swallow it with her mouth to suck and lick it vigorously.

Bulma is pleased with the oral handling of the Android 18, then proceeds to remove the tubes from her pussy to introduce his cock and continue the fun, although this would be interrupted by the presence of sudden guests who would arrive to give an unexpected twist to the situation.

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