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Marco Ubaldo Díaz had a terrible feeling, he didn’t know what it was but he felt the need to run. He realized spider-like creatures had his children and his girlfriend Jackie. They are taking the children away so he began to kill everyone who was between him and them. but he was stopped in front of the creatures’ superior. He said they didn’t harm Jackie but they had to tie her up. He also told him they were the Timeweavers and the children were a Risk to the Great Web.

The Timeweavers
The Timeweavers make sure that all the temporal lines follow their course in the great web of time. They have to rectify an anomaly caused by Jackie jumping from one timeline to another. Marco begged the Timeweaver not to take his children that he would do anything. So they show him the consequences of her acts. Marcos touched the threads from the web and felt the suffering of millions of voices sinking into the darkness, his loved ones, and the entire timeline they had altered cut from existence.
Suffering the consequences
Marco has to live with the burden of this knowledge. The Timeweaver’s superior said to them that all their attempts to be happy together meant nothing because they aren’t destined to be together in any variation of the great web of time. Then he decided to leave Jackie infertile so she cannot have more children. He also said their relationship; their mere existence was a mistake. Marco confronted him by saying the Timeweavers can make mistakes too, they’re there fixing theirs. The Timeweavers offered him the ability to explore the great web of time to prove them wrong and save Jackie and his children. He accepted and the Timeweavers took his children away.   

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