I Like Big Autobutts – Fred Perry

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I Like Big Autobutts 01

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Jack was sleeping over Arcee, he had no pants and his dick was between her buttocks. She was recharging but he woke her up and told her humans and Cybertronians weren’t that different, their organic steel is like muscle and they can sometimes get lonely. He also told her that he noticed she hugged his package with her seat in her vehicle form earlier. Then, he kissed her and asked her if she swooned, she told him to shut up and he is spoiled. She asked her to spread her tight for him, she agreed.

Arcee’s pussy
Arcee showed Jack his wet pussy and he decided to taste it. Jack described her Cybertroleum jelly tasted as minty with a hint of elmers. Her clitoris purred like a kitten. She confessed he drove her crazy, she loved the way he touched and teased her. He felt like being fucking an authoritarian tutor. He loved seeing her that way, she is like a forbidden fruit that loved to be eaten. Then he put his dick on her face and she began to suck it. She did a powerful but delicate suction. She liked to see him quake. Suddenly, someone called Arcee.

Optimus arrived 
Optimus arrived in the room, Jack hid behind Arcee legs. Optimus noticed she hadn’t fully engaged her recharge cycle yet so he wanted to commend her on her string of successful missions and her team work with Jack. Jack began to fuck her. Optimus noticed she was twitching but she told him it’s nothing to worry about so he left the room. He kept fucking her and asked to transform he wanted to ride her. He hit the gas and they both had an amazing, strong feeling, they both came. That was what they need

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Erotic comics have been all but since the introduction of animation. They often feature sexualized versions of popular active characters from swap series and genres. While some people locate them offensive, others enjoy the sexual arousal they provide. Either way, there's no denying that erotic comics are a popular form of pornography.
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