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Hinata and Naruto called Tsunade, they had a problem and thought she could help them. Hinata explained that since Naruto became a woman he couldn’t get rid of the transformation and also he felt bad for it. Tsunade had a plan; she called the Raikage to help Naruto, he also brought some friends. She thought if Naruto had sex maybe he could get rid of the transformation. The Raikage told Naruto to don’t worry because he would like it and then he took off his blouse. He had big and beautiful tits, they looked really good.

The girls had some fun 
The Raikage grabbed one of Naruto’s tits and began to lick his nipples. The Raikage’s friends had some fun too. So Hinata gets naked they recognized her as Naruto’s wife, she had a beautiful and round ass. Naruto gave the Raikage a nice blowjob, then he went down and saw Naruto’s pussy. It is a beautiful pussy the Raikage hoped it could take his big cock, and Naruto hoped sex work and it reversed his transformation. The Raikage put his dick inside Naruto’s pussy and begin to fuck him, he asked how it feels to have a dick inside; he was enjoying it way too much and didn’t answer.
Naruto wants to stay a woman 
The Raikage realized Naruto couldn’t answer because of the excitement and kissed him on the lips. Naruto screamed and asked for more, harder, and faster. Also, Hinata and Tsunade were being fucked. Naruto had never felt anything like this before, been a woman it is not bad after all. He wants to be a woman forever. Finally, the Raikage came inside him, he didn’t go back to normal but he wanted to try again, he didn’t have enough of it.      

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