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Hot Warm Up Runner 01

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Kate had her running routine, she always woke early in the morning around 5 o’clock, and she cooked her breakfast, took a shower, got dressed, and put on her sneakers to start her routine. Those days she was thinking to train more, although she got a splendid, healthy and fit body but she needed to add another activity in the routine. That day, she got out of her apartment and went downstairs to start to run; the sun had not yet risen. Every day she got the same route; she ran a mile in about 7 minutes.

Let Get It Started
Everybody gazed at her when she was running; she used slutty sportswear and her enormous boobs bounced in every step she made. Thirty minutes later, Kate was running through the city park and decide to stop to take a rest, she saw two bodybuilder training next to her; she thought to herself that both guys were handsome, one of them watched her and was flirting with her; Kate decided to warm up in front of them, she holds her ankle to stretch so the guys watched her tight pussy; the guys quickly knew her intentions.

The New Routine
Now Kate knew what she was looking for to add to her running routine; it was sex. She finished the warm-up exercises, she ran and hides behind a tree, then she called the guys; both hurriedly attended her call. Kate told them that she wanted both to fuck her, it was part of her new routine and she needed their help. Kate bent down and one of them fucked her from behind; meanwhile, she was giving the other guy a blowjob, then he picked her up and both double penetrated her, about twenty minutes passed and they cum inside her. Kate continued running but the two guys were lying wasted on a park bench.

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