Hot Hot Pizza – Evil Rick

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Hot Hot Pizza 01

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Allan is a horse and a Pizza Delivery Guy. He thinks his job is very exciting; mostly because he gets to meet a bunch of people like jerks, weirdos, and crazies. This time he met two girls. He rang the bell to deliver a pizza; a sexy cat called Susana opened the door. She asked him to get in to give him the money. She called her foxy friend Diva to ask her for the money. They paid him but Diva watched him and talked to Susana to make him an unseemly proposal: to watch them have sex.

Like watching porn
The girls told him that they loved the idea of a total stranger watching them having sex; that it was their fantasy and it will be like watching porn. He decided to please them. Diva kissed Susana; then sucked his tits. They both got naked and Diva sucked Susana’s pussy. Allan is enjoying the show, it is so much better than porn. Susana came and started to finger Diva’s pussy while sucking her tits. Then she rubbed her pussy with hers and they both came at the same time. 

Allan’s turn
Allan thought that was an incredible show. When he was about to leave they approached him and took their clothes off. Susana sucked his cock and he sucked Diva’s tits and fingered her pussy. Then, Susana asked him if he was just going to sit there or he’ll be more creative, so he got up, lifted her, and sucked her pussy while she sucked his cock. After, she put on her fours and ate Diva’s pussy while Allan fucked her. Allan came inside her pussy. Diva wanted some of that too but in her ass. She asked him to don’t hold back. He fucked her hard.

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Erotic comics are a form of artwork that typically picture sexual or sexually suggestive scenes. They can be found in a variety of alternating mediums, including movies, video games, and blooming TV series. While the content of each individual comic may vary, they everything share a common goal: to titillate and arouse their viewers.
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