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Our protagonist has been married to her wife for 8 months and they went to meet his stepson; she told him that he was studying in France and he came back that day to live with them. When he finally arrived, surprise! He was a she. Her name was Stacy. She was 23 years old. She was beautiful and had a huge ass. She came close to him and gave him a kiss in the cheek. They had been living together for a week, he was not sure if his stepdaughter is actually a man or a woman. She asked him for money, but he said he cannot.

Tracy’s power of conviction
Tracy took a different approach to convince his stepfather to give her money. She sat on his lap and began to rub his dick with her ass asking for the money. His dick got hard and she asked if she could help him with that. She wanted to see his dick, she took it out and found out it was really big. She began to strip and when she is totally naked also has a dick, she is a guy. She sat on his dick and put it in her ass, he asked to stop because she is a guy and his stepson.

My little girl
He is conflicted but it feels really good. She told him to stop thinking and just fuck her. He followed his feelings, kissed and fucked her; there is no way back. She got on all fours and he gave her what she wanted. He begin to fuck her, she called him daddy and asked for more, it feels really good and her ass is bigger than her mother’s, He came inside her. From now on she will be his little girl.

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