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Steve was at home waiting for Connie. Pearl was sitting next to him very upset. Peridot was sitting on Lapis Lazuli Legs and Garnet was sitting in front of them. Connie arrived and Steve went out. Pearl hit Peridot in the head; she was fucking with Lapis in front of Steve. Pearl reproached them that they have no shame and asked Garnet to help her. She pointed out that Steve would be gone for a few hours and she liked to watch. Pearl is upset because she didn’t get the help she expected. Lapis Lazuli and Peridot didn’t have any choice.
Pearl joined the fun.      
Lapis Lazuli started fucking Peridot again. Lapis invited Pearl to join them. Pearl told them she wasn’t as tame as she all thought and she had been going to concerts lately. However, she thought she could go with Garnet if she wanted to. Garnet didn’t want to so she spanked Pearl’s ass and commanded her to join them. She obeyed but she made clear that she won’t get a penis inside her. Lapis asked Pearl if she liked pie; she said she did like it. Lapis Lazuli offered her the cream pie she did in Peridot’s pussy.

Lapis Lazuli used her powers
Pearl began to clean with her tongue the cream pie in Peridot’s pussy. Pearl was doing a good job but Peridot was tired. So Lapis Lazuli decided to do a hands-on approach using her powers. She wanted to give Garnet a good show so she grabbed Pearl with her water powers and rubbed her pussy. Suddenly, Amethyst arrived home. Garnet was waiting for her and took out her big and thick cock. Amethyst didn’t think too much about it and began to take off her clothes and got ready

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