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Glass Room 01

Glass Room 01

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Glass Room 29

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Glass Room 31

Glass Room 32

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Glass Room 42

Glass Room 43

A strange guy came to the nightclub; he went backstage and left a note under the door. Lilith and her twin girlfriends Kalev and Jeneviv were backstage and one of the twins saw the note on the rug and take it, it was a request for a private meeting from a mysterious guy. Jeneviv told that she had to give him a chance, that he was her first fan and maybe she would have fun, she didn’t have to worry because in the next room was a two-side mirror if the guy turns out to be a brute they would make sure he stops hitting her. Lilith changed her outfit to something slightly more modest, she was ready for the private meeting.

The mysterious guy
Lilith went to the room where she would meet the mysterious guy, when Lilith saw him she noticed that he was Bast and she felt shame about the things she does there. Bast told her that he was sent to deliver a message to the Indigos and he saw her on the stage, he said that her performance was so intensive and she was so full of confidence, Lilith thanked Bast and kissed him. Bast hugged her and they went to the bed, Bast opened Lilith’s legs he saw her tasty pussy and ate it. Twin sisters were watching from the other side of the mirror. Viriathus came to the other room and joined the twin sister, they were watching Lilith and Bast fucking and they got horny so they found the toys and had a threesome.

Bast the loner
Lilith gave him a blowjob and makes him cum, Bast told her that it was merely foreplay so he grabbed his cock and put it right into her pussy, Lilith felt his cock hard and warm, she begged Bast to fuck her harder. Lilith wanted more and went to the top and rides him, Bast took an anal plug and put in on her butthole; it hurt but she kinda liked it.

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