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In this porn comic Dash’s Duty Doxy we can see how many ponies were fucking with a pony lady at the same time because she was very vicious and liked to be fucked by many ponies all at once.

One day Miss Pony was watching a series of Netflix in her house and her home phone rang, it was her friend, the pony Arturo who told him that if he wanted to do an orgy with his friends all fucking at once but she told him that He did not want because he was watching a series on Netflix at home, the pony friend told him that if they did not go they would go to his house and force her to fuck them but Miss Pony hung up the phone and told him that he would now be angry with them and I wouldn’t fuck with them anymore.

A few hours later, the doorbell of Miss Pony’s house rang and when she went to open the door they grabbed her and gagged her to fuck them, she was very scared and the ponies told her they wanted to fuck with her and if she didn’t leave them they would do it by force so Miss Pony had no other choice and ended up fucking with everyone at the same time and enjoying them all day.

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