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Climb Hips 2 Chapter 01

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Kanzaki Hana was the new experienced producer and thanks to the strenuous effort of him the leader of the underground Idol band “climb hip”. Mitsurugi Saori had a bad temper; she had to change it because it was the orders of the Kanasaki Hana; he knew how to change her behavior. Saori was wearing a slotty outfit and her hands were tied, she got angry and blamed Mr. Kazaki. He asked to come to the office three stranger men, Saori didn’t remember that gentleman, and they were former fans that got disillusioned by her treatment; now they heated her.

No Regret
Kanzaki gave the belt that was tied her; if she wanted to be free she had to make them become fans once again. Saori acted like a sweet girl and told them that she felt sorry about everything she’s done, they didn’t accept the apology, They wanted more. One of them put his cock out and forced her to suck it while the other one was eating her pussy; they wouldn’t stop until they get a real apology. Saori fell dizzy, her head was turning around, and she didn’t know why those creepy nerds treated her like this.

Best Fans Ever
Six hours after, Saori was gushing like a waterfall, she didn’t apologize properly yet; she was faded lying on the floor and she did not show a sign of regret. Saori mocked them, they were pissed off; she looked like she still needs a lot of bullying from them. Saori told them to get their stinking cum away from her, she felt disgusting but they fucked her again; Saori was not going to lose, she could stand all their punishment. She just begged them that don’t cum inside her and they didn’t pay attention but she earned their admiration again.

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