Bad Gifts – Naruto

Bad Gifts

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Bad Gifts is a Naruto porn comic in which we see how old Jiraya is dressed up in his Christmas costume with the intention of fucking the sexiest girls.

This old green had formed a Christmas party in the village, had invited the youngest and sexiest girls in the whole village. He had drunk a lot of alcohol in the baby, hoping someone would get angry and could fuck her.

Ino and Tenten were drinking a lot of alcohol and Jiraya was spying on them. When he noticed that they were very drunk he made them and seduced them. They were very horny, so they went to a remote place and there they began to make a blowjob. Jiraya had achieved her goal, those two sexy girls were giving her a very good blowjob. After that he went to fuck them and put his old cock into those young and juicy pussies.

The two girls kept moaning with every dick they felt in her pussy, they were very drunk and horny.

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Erotic comics are a genre of comics that often focus on sexual or erotic content. This can include all from incredibly explicit scenes to more suggestive content. Erotic comics are created by a variety of alternating artists, often with no question different styles.
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