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Steve arrived home and found her mom masturbating with a dildo in the living room. She is horny because Stan hangs her fired for weeks. She asked her son to help her to get some pleasure because she wanted a real cock in her pussy. He took out his cock and she’s impressed by how big it’s. She asked to put it in her pussy. He did it and it’s wet and hot it’s a delicious pussy and it’s all his. She asked him to suck her tits but also to fuck her deeply.

Steve fucked his mom
Steve take out his dick, his mom asked to put it back but she told her that she wanted to fuck her ass because he has never fucked an ass before. She agreed but asked him to do it carefully because his cock is huge. He calmed her by saying he would be careful. He put his dick in her ass and began to fuck her hard, she asked him to slow down but he told her to shut up because it’s probably enjoying it, she agreed with him it’s delicious.

He pounded her asshole 
He kept fucking her ass, she asked him to break it and he told her she is such a bitch. Then took out his dick and asked her if she wanted him to stop. She told him to put it back in her ass and fucked her harder and deeper. He confessed he wants always to fuck her ass. Then he came inside her ass but had enough cum to wet her back. She told him he had enough cum get thousands of girls pregnant, but he said it’s all hers. Later Stan arrived home horny but she had enough cock for the day.

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